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Visiting Royalty

We invite you to be a part of
Sheridan WYO Rodeo
Contact Lois Bass 
to register
Please See Schedule Below

Grand Entry Requirements: 

There will be grand entry practice each night before the rodeo (see schedule) and you must participate in the practice and be approved in order to run grand entries in Sheridan WYO Rodeo.  You must run "at speed", controlled, and safe. If you do not participate in the practice run you WILL NOT be allowed to do a grand entry run at the Sheridan WYO Rodeo. No exceptions!

If State Queens have their own horse, they are exempt from these practices. However, if they are borrowing a horse, we would like them to do a practice run, more for the horse's sake than their's.  Practice runs will take place each rodeo day at 4:30 pm at Fairgrounds.  See schedule for more details.  Once you participate in one practice run you do not need to attend others. 

Please TEXT Lois Bass 307-752-3754 to register.  Name, title, and days you will be attending.

Entry Passes:

Passes will be given out during Royalty Lunch daily (see schedule) or make separate arrangements to meet up with Lois. 

Release Form:

You must sign and mail the release form prior to WYO Rodeo to: Lois Bass; 6 Timm Dr.; Sheridan, WY 82801

Stall Reservations:  To reserve a stall contact:  Lois Bass 307-752-3754 (limited availability)

Click on the links below for schedule of events and participation release form.

Visiting Royalty Schedule

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