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Queen's Social & Pageant Award Ceremony

Inviting all royalty and friends and family of royalty!

Past, Present, and Visiting!

Please join the Sheridan WYO Rodeo Royalty Board for a social gathering honoring rodeo royalty and celebrating the 2023 Pageant Award Ceremony immediately following the Pageant on July 7th at 5:30 pm at the WYO Theater

To register 


Please include name and title, if royalty or past royalty, and how many are in your party. 

Important Dates & Events

Sheridan Wyo Rodeo Pageant

2023 Pageant Schedule

July 6th 9-12 am Personal Interviews - Fulmer Public Library

July 6th 5:30-8pm Horsemanship - College Agri-Park Arena

July 7th 9-12 am Dress Rehearsal - WYO Theater

July 7th 5:30 pm Pageant - WYO Theater

July 7th 7:00 pm Queen's Social - WYO Theater

July 7th 8:00 pm Coronation of 2023 WYO Rodeo Royalty

Queen's Social 

Thursday- July 7, 2023

Where: The WYO Theater

Time: Queen’s social  7:00-8:00 

Crowning 8:00-8:30

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