2021 Sheridan WYO Rodeo Royalty Pageant


July 9, 2021 Personal Interviews - Fulmer Public Library 10:00-12:00 am

July 9, 2021 Horsemanship - College Arena 5:30 pm

July 10, 2021 Dress rehearsal - Carriage House Theater 9am-1pm

July 10, 2021 Stage Presentations/Pageant - Carriage House Theater - 5:30-7:00 pm

July 10, 2021 Queen's Social - Carriage House Theater - 7:00-8:00 pm

July 10, 2021 Coronation - Carriage House Theater - 8:00-8:30 pm

If you are interested in competing please email with your name and contact info: parrkerri307@gmail.com

Contestant application & fee (see below) are due: May 28, 2021 (see above message)

Photos and commentary card are due: June 21, 2021


Application packets are up to date! 

Contestants are judged on Personality, Horsemanship, and Appearance.

Horsemanship is worth 50%.  Appearance and Personality are worth 50%.  



  • Attractiveness - This should also include inner beauty

  • Grooming - Neatness and cleanliness in every detail, such as complexion, hands, hair, hats, boots, etc.

  • Photogenic - Judges will have photos to study of each contestant.  A young lady’s strength of character and personality are reflected strongly in a wholesome appearance.

  • Poise and posture - Lady-like behavior in every situation.

  • Knowledge of proper western attire - Contestants should be aware of current western trends and what is fashionable western dress, with particular attention given to color coordination (how the use of various color combinations can enhance appearance and eye appeal). This is not a clothing contest.  It is not necessary to invest in an excessive amount of expensive clothing.  Judges will be looking for versatility, imagination, how a contestant’s clothes fit and how they suit her personality.      


  • Intelligence-Good common sense

  • Education-Conversational ability in rodeo and other areas, with special emphasis on grammar and enunciation.

  • Attractiveness-Not necessarily meaning beauty, but rather should note whether the contestant radiates self confidence without making an issue out of it. She should also show maturity, high moral standards, sincerity, and integrity.

  • Personality reflections-To include the contestant’s style of attire, overall appearance, magnetism, and eye appeal.

  • Genuine interest in other people, the pageant, and in rodeo, and a noticeable consideration of others.   

  • Self projection-Ability to project one’s personality, whether it is from horseback in an arena, on television, or before an audience. Also to be considered are sense of humor, showmanship, ambition, desire, and enthusiasm..     

  • Happy outlook on life in general.

  • Promptness in keeping pageant schedule.

  • Public appearance-Includes public appearances of contestants where they will be asked to answer impromptu questions, speak, and perform dance routines. All of these categories require her to think “on her feet”, and show maturity, intelligence, wisdom, and imagination.


  • Horsemanship-Control of mount and the way any situation which may occur is handled. This includes execution of pattern, speed, and use of arena.

  • Balance-Ability to sit a saddle.

  • Positions of hands, feet, and seat

  • Mounting and dismounting. (Jr. Princess contestants are exempt)

  • Saddling-knowledge and ability, safety, confidence and ease, and awareness of properly fitting tack.

  • The understanding and skill of the contestant will be judged and not the horse or the equipment.

  • Showmanship should be considered, since a contestant’s personality does project from horseback to the audience and judges.


We hope that you will participate in this year’s pageant, and regardless of who gets the next title you are a winner for trying! There is so much to gain from a rodeo queen competition. Through your preparations and experience you will sharpen your horsemanship skills, gain self-confidence, public speaking skills, expand your knowledge of horses and rodeo, make friendships and have FUN!  If you have any questions please email: wyorodeoroyalty@gmail.com or message us on Facebook. 

Click here for helpful sites to help you get ready for competition

and to study your horse and rodeo knowledge.